Engineering Paddler Designs

Firhill Basin

Located on the Glasgow branch of the Forth and Clyde canal Firhill Basin is a relic of the industrial past. As part of ongoing canal regeneration works EPD specifically looked at Firhill Basin and its ability to host a multi-disciplinary facility. Specifically the basin was examined for activity use such as sailing, power-boating, kayaking, Canadian canoeing, windsurfing, bell boating etc with measures on water area available, depth, water quality, storage requirements, changing etc all being considered to aid future architectural design work going on in the area. A package of information was derived on the capacity of the basin and surrounding canal network in terms of a specific sailing fleet, canoeing/kayaking numbers etc. This then permitted the derivation of changing room sizes, equipment storage, car parking etc. Up until the EPD work no realistic assessment of the basin had taken place.