Engineering Paddler Designs

Glasgow Paddlesports Centre

This project is a life changing project for the community in North Glasgow and a significant breakthrough in community based paddlesport activities. Designed and orchestrated by EPD this scheme is set to become an exemplar project which is sure to be replicated elsewhere around the UK and wider afield.

The Centre will provide an excellent all-year-round opportunity for the development of canoeing and kayaking skills, making a significant contribution to the promotion of general health and well-being of the surrounding communities and the city as a whole. The Centre will accommodate general paddling, a whitewater course and canoe polo, all in a clean and safe environment, together with showers and changing facilities and classroom accommodation. It will include accommodation provided by local organisations and clubs to support their own role in the Centre.

The main objectives:

A User Group was set up to support and assist with the development of the proposals. The members of the User Group (now a community trust / charity) is formed from the main users of the centre:

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