Engineering Paddler Designs

Urban Etive

The Urban Etive is remake of the classic Scottish river in an Urban Environment, with a twist.

Nearly 20m vertical height across the course with drops, slides and waterfalls dominate this low flow, high head channel arrangement. Designed for high skill level kayaking and all ability canyoneering this venue is a major regeneration project and visitor attraction. Improving on the canyoneering top class canyoneering run is difficult but working with other top designers in their field we have interlaced and intricately embedded a world class caving venue, with wet and dry features throughout.

Utilising the latest technology in sculpted concrete, highly authentic rock structures can be formed enhancing both the aesthetics of the site but also the hands on feeling of the activities. EPD have masterminded this whole project and look forward to taking the site in Glasgow forward and also replicating this exciting project elsewhere.